Monday, 14 December 2015

Pros & Cons On HD-PTZ Cameras

At the time of choosing CCTV system for your home or office, you may realize that so many different kinds of camera options are available there for same. PTZ or point and zoom camera is one these camera options that you can use for CCTV monitoring system. Many people consider PTZ camera as the best option for video monitoring system, while others may have negative opinion for same. Those people can defiantly have their reasons to make such opinion for PTZ camera and I can’t say if they are right about it or not. However, I can share Pros & Cons On HD-PTZ Cameras with you and then you can decide if that particular system is good for your CCTV monitoring system or not.

Pros of HD-PTZ camera
Easy to control: As the name point tilt and zoom explains it all, you can control it manually or automatically and you can get better picture of any person or object easily. This manual and auto control facility allows you to have more control on the camera front and if and unwanted person is situated at a significant distance, then you can simply do the optical zooming and you can capture the image of that person with ease. This movement can be consoled by humans or you can leave it on automatic mode and it will do all the controlling on its own with the help of software.

Cover large areas: Since a HD-PTZ camera can automatic rotate and move on its axis so if you want to cover a large area with one CCTV camera you can easily do that. In fact, HD-PTZ cameras can cover a large area with utmost simplicity. And its zooming facility can also help you get better images as well while covering large area with single camera. This is something that you may never get with a fixed focus CCTV Camera. Needless to say, we can say this is one of the most amazing benefits of HD-PTZ camera. In this process of covering large area, you can also set the HD-PTZ camera on automatic mode and it will change its angle in every few seconds.

Motion detection: These days many HD-PTZ cameras are available that comes with a motion detection sensors. That means if you would set it on motion detection mode, then as soon as the CCTV camera will detect any motion, it will point to that motion, it will make a lock on the object or subject and it will keep tracking as long as possible. This kind of cameras can be a good option for those places where you want the best security coverage but you do not have a dedicated team to do the monitoring. 

Better picture quality: As already explained HD-PTZ camera can do the zooming to get detailed pictures. If you would choose a good quality camera for your CCTV system, then it can optically zoom up to 36 time and after that it can do the zooming on digital mode. That means you would get only the best picture quality with and HD-PTZ Camera which is not possible with a fixed focus camera. That means you will get much better use of your CCTV system with it.

Low cost of operation: If you are covering a large area than cost of the operation would be very less as an HT-PTZ camera can cover larger area. So, if you would use fewer cameras for your CCTV system, then also you would be able to cover the area and total cost of operation would be much lesser for you compared to fixed focus CCTV camera

Cons of HD-PTZ camera 

Need regular maintenance: If you want to cover it for a larger area, then your CCTV operation cost would be always cheap for you and you may not need to worry about initial cost as well. But a PTZ camera will have moving objects in it which makes it vulnerable to various damages as well. That means you would have to do regular maintenance of the system to keep the CCTV working in a proper manner. So, when you do the installation of this kind of camera in your CCTV then you need to plan for its maintenance as well to keep it working in the future as well.

Chances of having blind-spots: When you choose the HD-PTZ camera with its moving finicality, then you might actually miss some details with this. For example, if you are using HD-PTZ camera to monitor an area and you cover one section at a time with it. That means few places will remain unmonitored for some time and if a person knows how to identify the blind spot then he can misuse that information. So we can say this blind spot is a complex drawback of this type of camera and you should keep this in your mind while installing HD-PTZ camera in your CCTV system.

Need someone for monitoring: In a normal situation you would not need to do the monitoring of CCTV system and you can check the recording later. But when you would use HD-PTZ camera then you may need to have a person that can do the monitoring of your system. That means if you do not have a person that can do the monitoring, then you might never get the good outcome with it. So, if you are ok with the monitoring part then you can think about installing the HD-PTZ camera in this system else you can try the fixed focus camera for same.

Addition to these pros and cons, HD-PTZ camera can have many other benefits and drawbacks as well that I failed to mention in this article. So, when you choose this type of camera for your CCTV system, then make sure you check it on the basis of these pros and cons and you wisely choose it to get the best and optimum result. Also, when you choose it then make sure you understand your requirement as well to avoid any kind of complication or troubles in the future. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sony CCTV Camera VS Samsung IP Camera

 1.) Sony CCTV Camera Kit


The Sony CCTV Camera kit includes an indoor/outdoor waterproof camera suiting both outdoor and indoor applications. You can use the included hardware to install the Sony CCTV Camera on a ceiling on wall. The kit also comes with a warning sticker and power supply. Plugging your Sony CCTV Camera to your TV via the RCA plug is a child's play. If you buy a DVR, you will be able to take the most out of your Sony CCTV Camera kit.

The quality of the Sony CCTV Camera kit's images is simple outstanding. You will not hear any phantom sound here and the viewing range is really good. The Sony CCTV Camera kit's VHS adapters are very solid and the high quality cable is awesome. Both the Sony CCTV Camera kit's performance and price are fair. If you want to get an excellent night vision, buy this unit right away. The focus of this camera kit is automatic appearing to work really well. Though this camera does not have HD resolution, you will get decent images for the money that you have paid.

Main Features

- Image sensor.
- Built-in light sensor.
- The package includes one bracket, one camera, one warning sticker and one power supply.
- Waterproof housing.
- 28 infrared iluminators for an awesome night vision.


- The mount and body are very solid.
- Lens gives you the nice view you want event at a very close distance which is awesome for an entry.
- The Sony CCTV Camera kit is well made and sturdy.
- The optics are quite good.
- Good night performance as any good night camera out there.
- Great image even if the light conditions are not quite good.
- This camera can see in the black of night for over fifty feet very well.
- Auto switches to white and black in the dark to get a better clarity.
- Decent overall resolution.
- Impressive night vision capabilities.
- Combines very well with any motion detection software.
- Great performance.
- The Sony CCTV Camera kit has great colors lighting up your backyard at night.
- You will get a very nice progression of the video since the infrared lights will become brighter as the night becomes darker.
- The Sony CCTV Camera kit's transition to night mode is smooth and gradual.


- The night vision might not be quite good for you.
- The screw used to attach the Sony CCTV Camera kit to the ground might be missing.
- The Sony CCTV Camera kit migth stop working after a day of heavy rain.


The Sony CCTV Camera kit is a nice security camera giving you the night/day view that you have been looking for. If you want to keep burglars out of your property, you have to buy the Sony CCTV Camera kit as soon as possible. Though the camera's night vision might not be so good, the Sony CCTV Camera kit's overall performance is good.

2.) Samsung IP Camera


The Samsung IP Camera is the right gadget to keep a close eye on the things that matter most to you. Whether you need to check in on what your kids are doing, see if your employee is doing his or her job or just need the reassurance of seeing that everything is alright at home, the Samsung IP Camera is the right item to buy today. You can see images from the Samsung IP Camera from anywhere in the world via your smartphone giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Designed for intuitite experience, simple set up and HD video quality, the Samsung IP Camera can be customized to triger alerts so you will not miss a single event. Since the Samsung IP Camera delivers real-time notifications via your smartphone, you will get the right data at the right time. You can also view the footage later on as the Samsung IP Camera comes with a microSDXC memory card. With no extra costs or monthly fees to pay, the Samsung IP Camera is a godsend for homeowners and business owners alike.

Main Features

- Two-way talk, audio detection and advanced motion.
- MicroSDXC card slot.
- Mobile and email notifications.
- 128 degree angle coverage.
- Multi-streaming for up to 10 cameras.
- One year manufacturer's warranty.


- Clear, crisp two-way talk thanks to its built-in microphone. This is the way you will be in 2 places at the same time.
- Simple set up. You will not need any CD or software to install the Samsung IP Camera.
- You will be able to view the camera in no time after downloading the app.
- You will get notifications right away when something important has occurred.
- False alarms due to minor movements and slight chances in the environment are a thing of the past. You will only get notifications of any true motion event such as anyone entering a room.
- The two-way talk allows you not only to hear and see things going on around the camera but also talk back from your smartphone whenever you need to.
- The HD video streaming will allow you to see every detail with astonishing clarity and quality.
- Since the Samsung IP Camera gives you superior image quality even in very low light conditions, you will get the views you need.


- Your videos might been seen by Samsung first requiring an unsecure connection in the first place, something you might not want to do in the first place.
- TheSamsung IP Camera migth lock itself up giving you tons of issues right away.


The Samsung IP Camera is the security camera you have been looking for if you want high quality images and two-way talk. The Samsung IP Camera features a higher image resolution than the Sony CCTV Camera as well as a higher price. If you love to see every detail of your videos, the Samsung IP Camera is the way to go. If you are in Singapore and need a camera, the Samsung IP Camera can be a good choice. Tough a little bit pricey, the Samsung IP Camera is quite superior to the Sony CCTV Camera kit because of its many outstanding features such as microSDCX and slot, ultra-sharpt images.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

How to Install Cctv at Home? (Do It Yourself Guide)

From the early days of Surveillance systems to the recent past, everyone depended on qualified technicians to install CCTVs. Reason being, the surveillance technology at that time was so complex such that it actually involved the use of built-in video cassette recorders and a chain of wires running from the recorders to the cameras. To make is worse, the entire installation process was only understood by trained technicians. But thanks to the advancement in technology; nowadays, CCTV installation has been made affordable and too simple for absolutely anyone. Having said that, how can you install CCTV at home?

Here’s the guide:

Step 1: Getting the right cables

Before you embark on the installation process, you'll be required to get the right cables. In this case, you'll have to get RG 59 cable . Generally, this cable contains a power cable and a video cable all encompassed in one; hence the name Siamese.

Step 2: Determining the number of cameras you need and their right locations

Next, you can survey your home to determine the number of cameras you'll actually need and their suitable locations, as well. Alternatively, you can use special design CCTV software to select suitable locations for your cameras. A good example of such software is the IP-Video-Software-Design-Tool, which allows you to import the site plan of your home before adding the cameras. The software will then present you with appropriate angles of view, 3D mock ups and the required focal lengths.

Step 3: Placing the cameras

Once you've determined suitable locations for your camera, you can now proceed and install them (minus the cables, of course). Usually, it's recommended that you install the cameras where the walls meet the roof--to protect them from the elements of weather: sun, rain and wind. Apart from that, installing your cameras near the roof will give you the best field of view and, at the same time, help you keep your cameras safe from vandalism. Lastly, this location will also give you a simple run for your cables since it's always easy to trace gaps where the roof meets the walls.

Step 3: Choose A Place To Keep Your DVR & Monitor

At this point you can designate a single room to station your DVR and monitor. This can be your bedroom, study room or any other room that's accessed by a limited number of people. To stay safe, we recommend that you keep the whereabouts of your cameras vaulted to only you or the trusted members of your family.

Step 4: Connecting the RG59 cables from the cameras to the monitoring room

You can now connect the RG59 cables from camera to the monitoring room by passing them through the attic. If you purchased the cables with their BNC connections attached, you can connect them directly to your DVR. But if the cables came without the connections, you'll be required to buy them and have them crimped at the end before connecting.

Step 5: Connecting the cameras to power

Generally, these cameras are powered by DC voltage. And there are actually two ways you can use to get these cameras connected to power. One, you can connect each camera's power line directly. Two, you can buy an AC/DC power-supply box to plug in all the power lines from the cameras before connecting the box to an AC outlet.

Please note; the DC voltage you supply to your cameras should be as exact as specified by the cameras’ manufacturer; or else, you might end up damaging your cameras.

Step 6: Connect the DVR to your monitor

Now you have you cameras and power lines connected to a DVR. The next step should be to power your cameras, the DVR and the monitor. But before you turn on your power supply, you should first ensure that the DVR is connected to the monitor. After turning on the power, you can test drive your CCTV system to see how it works. Try to adjust your cameras where necessary to get the best field of view for your home. Similarly, if you feel like your home needs other cameras, just follow the same guideline to install them.

Now, as you can see, installing CCTV in your home is way easier and fun than you could have possibly imagined. If you follow these guidelines correctly, while paying a close attention to subtle details like voltage or location, nothing will definitely go wrong even if you consider yourself technologically challenged.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

What Are The Top CCTV Brands In Singapore?

There are different brands of CCTV in Singapore. Many Singaporeans are sometimes finding it hectic ti chose the best brand of CCTV cameras that will perfectly meet their needs and lifestyle. However it is important to note that all the CCTV cameras are the best but it all depends on the intended role. For install, CCTV cameras that are installed in a restaurant and large buildings are different from those that you want to install in the living room or outside your corridors. It is wise to consider certain basic factors before choosing your best brand of CCTV cameras in Singapore. The following are some of the extensively used CCTV cameras in Singapore:

a) Warehouse CCTV cameras.
These are the CCTV cameras that are installed in large warehouses and business premises for the purposes of security surveillance. These are the cameras with high definition to ensure that every detail within the warehouse is captured. In Singapore these cameras are installed to monitor transaction and monitor all the customers and staff within the warehouse. They are highly effective and thus the best brands of CCTV cameras in Singapore. They are affordable for warehouse and very effective. Install warehouse CCTV cameras in your warehouse today and monitor all the activities within your warehouse or perhaps a business franchise.

b) Office CCTV cameras.
These are CCTV options that are used to ensure utmost surveillance within various top offices in Singapore. With the increasing levels of office crimes and break ins, there is need to incorporate the use of a CCTV camera within your office. They are normally hidden in a strategic place to ensure that they capture every detail and activities that is going on within your office. These are cameras that are normally very small and use a higher definition camera to ensure that they capture and record every detail within your organization`s office. They are the best and have been used extensively in Singapore.

c) HDB CCTV cameras.
They are a brand of CCTV cameras that are placed within restaurants, houses and other sensitive areas. Most Singaporeans incorporate this kind of CCTV cameras within their condos to ensure utmost surveillance and safety. They are reliable and easy to install. They are very effective when properly installed. They can capture images even from distance away from the areas surrounding it and those within its proximity. They are actually the best for monitoring your children and maids within your house. You can place them inside the house or outside depending on your needs and objectives. They are the best for domestic surveillance and can also be used in hotels.

d) CCCTV surveillance cameras.
These are the top CCTV cameras that are used to deter criminals and all the illegal activities. They are very effective cameras that than be used to capture criminal activities within banks and other sensitive areas that may become a target for terrorist and other criminal activities. They are the brands that can be relied upon for utmost security and business needs. When installed by the best installation company, they can be a hundred percent effective so long as they are not interfered with. Remember when it comes to matters of security nothing should be condoned. In fact these are the cameras that should be installed with a licensed and a well reputed company that can be trusted and have a vast experience in installing these brands of cameras.

e) IP surveillance cameras.
Just like other CCTV cameras, the IP cameras are almost the perfect surveillance systems for offices and home security. It employs the concept of CCTV cameras but all the activities are monitored with an IP or a computer. You can also use your phone to monitor and control every detail within your home or perhaps business. They are commonly used in Singapore to keep an eye on their children and domestic workers. They are effective and simply to install.

Factors to consider when choosing the best brand of CCTV cameras.
When you want to buy and install a CCTV camera, it is important to consult the best company to offer you with the best advice on the best brands that will serve your home and business needs. The following are some of the factors to consider when buying a CCTV camera that will perfectly meet your needs and lifestyle:

1. The cost of buying and installation.
It is always wise to consider the cost of buying and installing your CCTV camera plus the installation cost. It is good to go for a camera that is affordable yet they serve your needs perfectly.

2. Use/purpose of installing your CCTV cameras.
It is important to consider the reason why you want to buy the CCTV system.
It is wise to go for a brand that will serve your intended purpose so as to avoid buying expensive cameras that will not serve the intended roles. The CCTV cameras should match with the intended purpose. This will ensure that you have bought and installed the best company that will serve your needs and lifestyle.

3. Technology.
It is good to go for security CCTV cameras that will be compatible with the current trend of technology. Because criminals are becoming smarter every day it is good to go for a CCTV that will not be manipulated easily thus becoming the best security tool ever.

Therefore, there are different types of CCTV camera brands available in Singapore today. All of them are effective depending on your intended roles and purpose of installation. When you want to install your CCTV cameras it is good to give that tender to a company with good reputation to ensure that everything is fixed perfectly. The choice is upon you. Do not compromise anything when it comes to issues of security. Go for CCTV brands that are affordable for you and your business. Every CCTV brand is unique on its own there is no need to say that this is the best brand. Each brand is good depending on its use and priorities. They are simply the best solutions for your security needs.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

7 Awesome Facts On CCTV Camera

In present time CCTV camera is one of the most basic and important tool for the security of any premises. Also the use of CCTV camera is growing rapidly around the world and people are getting so many benefits as well with it. But if we talk about knowledge related to CCTV system or camera, then only a hand full of people know a lot about it. Here, in this article I am going to share 7 Awesome Facts On CCTV Camera that might be completely new and informative for you.

It can work well in night also:
Earlier CCTV camera was useful only for a bright day light, but that is not the case anymore. In fact, now you can get so many CCTV cameras that can work well in night and day both. For day time these cameras use the regular method to capture the video and images of any object like a regular camera. But in case of darkness or during night time it use night vision such as infrared or other methods to capture any object or person and it does the recording in a great and easy manner. As far as quality is concerned, now a day’s you get amazing picture quality with CCTV camera in day and night both and unlike previous times now you don't have to worry about the identification of face due to low picture quality .

You can use it for monitoring purpose:
When they created the first CCTV system in 1942 then they created it for military use and then people used it for security purpose. But now a day many people use CCTV camera for monitoring purpose as well. Using a CCTV camera people can monitor their kids at home from their work place and business people can monitor their employees from their cabin. Also, people can do a lot of other monitoring with the help of this system that too without putting any extra effort it in.

Vandal proof cameras are easily available:
This is true that people can easily damage or disable a CCTV Camera even if they do not know more about it. But only very few people know that vandal proof cameras are also available in the market that are not easy to damage. This type of CCTV camera is known as vandal proof camera and due to its strength and qualities people cannot damage it in easy ways. Also, if you install it in a proper manner using conduit or underground piping then people cannot damage the feed even by cutting the cable. In this kind of situation people can damage a CCTV camera only by covering the camera using some cloth paper or any other object.

Wi-Fi enabled CCTV cameras are available:
In present time people use Smartphone, tablets and so many other computing devices that are connected with each other using Wi-Fi network. CCTV camera is also not far in this league and you can easily get a lot of security cameras that can work well on Wi-Fi network. That means if you want to install a CCTV camera at a place where it is not possible for you to add cables for connecting of the camera, then you can use IP or wifi camera for that place. Using that Wi-Fi cctv camera you can cover that spot under the surveillance system and that too without making any kind of damage or changes in the current structure of building. Also, this system can give you liberty to use it at almost any place without any complication.

In can enhance the security of your premises:
This a well known fact that many security agencies use the recording of CCTV system to trace the criminal after any criminal activity and mostly security people catch the criminals as well. Also, they take the help of video recording by CCTV camera at the trial stage and criminals get punished because of that recording. Due to this reason many criminals, burglars or mischief makers try to stay away from all those places where they see a security camera. That means just by installing a security camera at your premises you can increase the security of your home, office or business place. The best and most amazing thing about a CCTV camera is that even if it is not working, but visible to people then they will prefer not to enter in your premises and you will have better security with it.

Cost of CCTV camera is not very high:
This is a common misconception among many users that cost of the CCTV camera can be really high and because of that people don’t even think about getting it. However, this has nothing to do with reality and now a day’s you can get a CCTV camera at the cost of a low cost Smartphone. That means if you want to install the CCTV camera in your home and you are staying away with it because of the cost factor then you can change your opinion now. Also, you can get a number of good quality options for CCTV camera in the market that give you good service, warranty and result that to in a highly cost effective manner.

It is easy to install, configure or use it:
A less known fact about the CCTV camera is that it is very easy to install, configure and use. CCTV camera is a technical word and many people assume that they need a lot of skills and technical knowledge to install or configure it. Well, that can be true in some cases, but that is not true for the installation or configuration of a basic CCTV camera. In a normal situation you can easily install or configure it with the help of user manual and you can use it also in a very simple manner. Also, if you want to check the live feed on your mobile, laptop or other commuting device, after configuring it then you can do that also at runtime without any problem or trouble.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pros and Cons on Dome Camera

A dome camera is a popular choice for many home and business owners in Singapore. Providing excellent surveillance for its users, the presence of these cameras do not just help catch criminals but essentially discourage them from doing anything in the first place. Of course, it is important to note that dome cameras are not the only ones available in the market. There are other options for you to choose from, which is why it is important to first assess exactly what dome cameras have to offer. In this article, you will find out the different pros and cons of dome cameras, giving you the chance to choose one properly.


What is a Dome Camera?

A dome camera is a type of security camera that is encased in a dome-shaped housing. Think of an upside down igloo – this is generally what a dome camera looks like.

Pros of Dome Cameras

• If you’re in the market for a covert camera – such as those pointed to the cash register – then dome cameras would be perfect. They are easy to miss and should therefore catch criminals without being easily seen
• Installation of dome cameras are wonderfully easy, which means that you will have the camera up and running within a short period of time
• When it comes to range as well as quality, dome-type cameras offer excellent service, depending on the brand. Do not believe the rumors that domes have a lower range than bullet cameras – this is completely untrue. When it comes to quality, resolution, as well as range, the two are practically the same
• Unlike bullet cameras, dome types need not be limited to corner installations. You can place them in the center of the room and it would not make much of a difference, limiting the blind spots of your camera view
• Dome cameras are definitely more stylish, making them favorites for modern homes
• The cost of installing dome security cameras is usually within the reasonable side. Compared to bullet cameras, the price range is usually no different. Cheap domes are usually around $50 to $70 each but depending on the features you want; it could cost as much as $200
• Dome cameras are perfect for indoor use, but they can also be used for outdoor needs. In fact, they’ve been proven to be weatherproof since the dome manages to protect the lens wonderfully. The IP rating should give you a good idea of the weatherproof level of the product
• One of the best things about dome types is that they are very long lasting. This is because they’re kept inside durable housing, therefore preventing vandals from damaging the interior of the device. This ensures that they will continue filming for a very long time
• Dome types are versatile – this means that you can find a wireless or wired one, depending on your specific needs. Some models are come with microphones so that it can absorb both video as well as audio information
• Dome cameras can be easily disguised – making them perfect for secret surveillance purposes
• There are currently numerous designs for dome types, giving you the chance to choose the one that works best for your specific interior decor

Cons of Dome Cameras

• If you are looking to prevent theft, dome cameras may not always be a good choice. This is because they are easy ignored and therefore will not be visible enough to discourage breaking and entering.
• Note that dome types usually require a more sophisticated sort of adjustment. Unlike bullets which can be easily tilted due to their mounting, dome types need a more direct approach when shifting angles

Should You Choose a Dome Type?

When choosing between different CCTV cameras, it is important to consider exactly what your needs are before determining what kind of camera would meet those needs. Generally, a dome camera would be your go-to choice for indoor applications while its counterpart – the bullet camera – would be a good option for outdoor application.

How to Choose a Dome Camera

When choosing a dome camera, it is important to check out the following factors:

• How will it transfer video feeds from the camera to your computer or hard drive? Wired and wireless cameras both have their pros and cons so make sure to compare the two before making a choice.
• Opt for a camera with at least 700 TVL.
• Night vision is crucial for all CCTV cameras, regardless of whether they are installed indoors or outdoors
• Choose a camera base that is the same color as your ceiling if you want to keep it covert. For example, if your ceiling is a bright color then a white base would be perfect
• Don’t forget to check the warranty of the product before making a purchase
• Think about the outside forces that the camera may have to deal with. For example, is vandalism common in your area? Does it rain, snow, or hail often in your part of the world?
• Today, you have two options when installing CCTV cameras – you can do the system yourself or have a professional team do it for you. Should you hire professionals, make sure to ask about their follow-up or maintenance services
• Consider whether you intend to change the camera’s position in the long run. Dome types are usually hard to move which means that they can be permanent fixtures
• Choose something with at least a 3.7mm lens with a wide angle to make sure you capture a large area as possible
• Opt for a plug and play type if possible
• Check out the different features of the product. Fortunately, technology has advanced a great deal ever since the first release of CCTV cameras. Today, you will find dome types with audio or even those controlled by remote
• Look for something with dual voltage to limit the chances of damage

To wrap it up – dome cameras have their own pros as well as cons. They are not exactly perfectly, but this type of security camera should provide the kind of protection you are looking for in your home or business. Lastly, do not forget to read reviews about the product. Once you have made your decision, check out different Singapore stores and make comparisons before pushing through with your purchase.