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Pros and Cons on Dome Camera

A dome camera is a popular choice for many home and business owners in Singapore. Providing excellent surveillance for its users, the presence of these cameras do not just help catch criminals but essentially discourage them from doing anything in the first place. Of course, it is important to note that dome cameras are not the only ones available in the market. There are other options for you to choose from, which is why it is important to first assess exactly what dome cameras have to offer. In this article, you will find out the different pros and cons of dome cameras, giving you the chance to choose one properly.


What is a Dome Camera?

A dome camera is a type of security camera that is encased in a dome-shaped housing. Think of an upside down igloo – this is generally what a dome camera looks like.

Pros of Dome Cameras

• If you’re in the market for a covert camera – such as those pointed to the cash register – then dome cameras would be perfect. They are easy to miss and should therefore catch criminals without being easily seen
• Installation of dome cameras are wonderfully easy, which means that you will have the camera up and running within a short period of time
• When it comes to range as well as quality, dome-type cameras offer excellent service, depending on the brand. Do not believe the rumors that domes have a lower range than bullet cameras – this is completely untrue. When it comes to quality, resolution, as well as range, the two are practically the same
• Unlike bullet cameras, dome types need not be limited to corner installations. You can place them in the center of the room and it would not make much of a difference, limiting the blind spots of your camera view
• Dome cameras are definitely more stylish, making them favorites for modern homes
• The cost of installing dome security cameras is usually within the reasonable side. Compared to bullet cameras, the price range is usually no different. Cheap domes are usually around $50 to $70 each but depending on the features you want; it could cost as much as $200
• Dome cameras are perfect for indoor use, but they can also be used for outdoor needs. In fact, they’ve been proven to be weatherproof since the dome manages to protect the lens wonderfully. The IP rating should give you a good idea of the weatherproof level of the product
• One of the best things about dome types is that they are very long lasting. This is because they’re kept inside durable housing, therefore preventing vandals from damaging the interior of the device. This ensures that they will continue filming for a very long time
• Dome types are versatile – this means that you can find a wireless or wired one, depending on your specific needs. Some models are come with microphones so that it can absorb both video as well as audio information
• Dome cameras can be easily disguised – making them perfect for secret surveillance purposes
• There are currently numerous designs for dome types, giving you the chance to choose the one that works best for your specific interior decor

Cons of Dome Cameras

• If you are looking to prevent theft, dome cameras may not always be a good choice. This is because they are easy ignored and therefore will not be visible enough to discourage breaking and entering.
• Note that dome types usually require a more sophisticated sort of adjustment. Unlike bullets which can be easily tilted due to their mounting, dome types need a more direct approach when shifting angles

Should You Choose a Dome Type?

When choosing between different CCTV cameras, it is important to consider exactly what your needs are before determining what kind of camera would meet those needs. Generally, a dome camera would be your go-to choice for indoor applications while its counterpart – the bullet camera – would be a good option for outdoor application.

How to Choose a Dome Camera

When choosing a dome camera, it is important to check out the following factors:

• How will it transfer video feeds from the camera to your computer or hard drive? Wired and wireless cameras both have their pros and cons so make sure to compare the two before making a choice.
• Opt for a camera with at least 700 TVL.
• Night vision is crucial for all CCTV cameras, regardless of whether they are installed indoors or outdoors
• Choose a camera base that is the same color as your ceiling if you want to keep it covert. For example, if your ceiling is a bright color then a white base would be perfect
• Don’t forget to check the warranty of the product before making a purchase
• Think about the outside forces that the camera may have to deal with. For example, is vandalism common in your area? Does it rain, snow, or hail often in your part of the world?
• Today, you have two options when installing CCTV cameras – you can do the system yourself or have a professional team do it for you. Should you hire professionals, make sure to ask about their follow-up or maintenance services
• Consider whether you intend to change the camera’s position in the long run. Dome types are usually hard to move which means that they can be permanent fixtures
• Choose something with at least a 3.7mm lens with a wide angle to make sure you capture a large area as possible
• Opt for a plug and play type if possible
• Check out the different features of the product. Fortunately, technology has advanced a great deal ever since the first release of CCTV cameras. Today, you will find dome types with audio or even those controlled by remote
• Look for something with dual voltage to limit the chances of damage

To wrap it up – dome cameras have their own pros as well as cons. They are not exactly perfectly, but this type of security camera should provide the kind of protection you are looking for in your home or business. Lastly, do not forget to read reviews about the product. Once you have made your decision, check out different Singapore stores and make comparisons before pushing through with your purchase.

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