Wednesday, 1 April 2015

7 Awesome Facts On CCTV Camera

In present time CCTV camera is one of the most basic and important tool for the security of any premises. Also the use of CCTV camera is growing rapidly around the world and people are getting so many benefits as well with it. But if we talk about knowledge related to CCTV system or camera, then only a hand full of people know a lot about it. Here, in this article I am going to share 7 Awesome Facts On CCTV Camera that might be completely new and informative for you.

It can work well in night also:
Earlier CCTV camera was useful only for a bright day light, but that is not the case anymore. In fact, now you can get so many CCTV cameras that can work well in night and day both. For day time these cameras use the regular method to capture the video and images of any object like a regular camera. But in case of darkness or during night time it use night vision such as infrared or other methods to capture any object or person and it does the recording in a great and easy manner. As far as quality is concerned, now a day’s you get amazing picture quality with CCTV camera in day and night both and unlike previous times now you don't have to worry about the identification of face due to low picture quality .

You can use it for monitoring purpose:
When they created the first CCTV system in 1942 then they created it for military use and then people used it for security purpose. But now a day many people use CCTV camera for monitoring purpose as well. Using a CCTV camera people can monitor their kids at home from their work place and business people can monitor their employees from their cabin. Also, people can do a lot of other monitoring with the help of this system that too without putting any extra effort it in.

Vandal proof cameras are easily available:
This is true that people can easily damage or disable a CCTV Camera even if they do not know more about it. But only very few people know that vandal proof cameras are also available in the market that are not easy to damage. This type of CCTV camera is known as vandal proof camera and due to its strength and qualities people cannot damage it in easy ways. Also, if you install it in a proper manner using conduit or underground piping then people cannot damage the feed even by cutting the cable. In this kind of situation people can damage a CCTV camera only by covering the camera using some cloth paper or any other object.

Wi-Fi enabled CCTV cameras are available:
In present time people use Smartphone, tablets and so many other computing devices that are connected with each other using Wi-Fi network. CCTV camera is also not far in this league and you can easily get a lot of security cameras that can work well on Wi-Fi network. That means if you want to install a CCTV camera at a place where it is not possible for you to add cables for connecting of the camera, then you can use IP or wifi camera for that place. Using that Wi-Fi cctv camera you can cover that spot under the surveillance system and that too without making any kind of damage or changes in the current structure of building. Also, this system can give you liberty to use it at almost any place without any complication.

In can enhance the security of your premises:
This a well known fact that many security agencies use the recording of CCTV system to trace the criminal after any criminal activity and mostly security people catch the criminals as well. Also, they take the help of video recording by CCTV camera at the trial stage and criminals get punished because of that recording. Due to this reason many criminals, burglars or mischief makers try to stay away from all those places where they see a security camera. That means just by installing a security camera at your premises you can increase the security of your home, office or business place. The best and most amazing thing about a CCTV camera is that even if it is not working, but visible to people then they will prefer not to enter in your premises and you will have better security with it.

Cost of CCTV camera is not very high:
This is a common misconception among many users that cost of the CCTV camera can be really high and because of that people don’t even think about getting it. However, this has nothing to do with reality and now a day’s you can get a CCTV camera at the cost of a low cost Smartphone. That means if you want to install the CCTV camera in your home and you are staying away with it because of the cost factor then you can change your opinion now. Also, you can get a number of good quality options for CCTV camera in the market that give you good service, warranty and result that to in a highly cost effective manner.

It is easy to install, configure or use it:
A less known fact about the CCTV camera is that it is very easy to install, configure and use. CCTV camera is a technical word and many people assume that they need a lot of skills and technical knowledge to install or configure it. Well, that can be true in some cases, but that is not true for the installation or configuration of a basic CCTV camera. In a normal situation you can easily install or configure it with the help of user manual and you can use it also in a very simple manner. Also, if you want to check the live feed on your mobile, laptop or other commuting device, after configuring it then you can do that also at runtime without any problem or trouble.

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