Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Install CCTV On A Construction Site

Construction sites experiences an array of issues each day when it comes to security and safety such as vandalism, contractor accidents, theft of equipment, machinery, copper, steel, wire and other types of expensive construction materials.

This is why you have to develop an appropriate security CCTV strategy for your building sites. It is the only way for these issues to be reduced and in addition, it incredibly increases productivity rate at work, better quality and a much better bottom line.


*Versatile installation- most CCTV systems use 3G or 4G for transmission of footage may it be wired or wireless. It just depends on whatever is practical and appropriate for you and your building site and this includes whether you want the set-up for temporary use or a longer term. Power is provided by a generator, solar power, battery, or on-site power while footage is or can be sent to the work foreman or managers but it could also be directly sent to a monitoring station for remote video so that surveillance is done round the clock. This includes a two-way voice communication to give out warnings for the people on site.

*Reduce Crime- just by making your CCTV Construction Security Cameras visible and properly running on the site, the risk of theft from staff, passers-by or contractors would very likely to reduce . It is also an apparent deterrent to damage and vandalism to the site.

*Boost productivity- Footages also assist in obtaining who is involved in the accident, who or what to blame from the situation and reduce down time in the construction site. CCTV is designed to help in achieving Target Zero with regards to accidents. A Building Site CCTV is also used as evidence to resolve disputes between the management and customers and encourage productivity on the site.

The cameras set-up on entrance gates prevents vehicles and people from entering a private site without appropriate permission and supervision.

Elements to Watch Out 

*Weather Conditions- Rain or storms may cause problems to a CCTV system if it is not protected at the adequate IP level.

*Theft of Cameras- The exposed cameras in an open site may become the targets themselves so it should be secured accordingly. A camera’s vision should be overlapping with another one to have an adequate coverage of the area.


If you plan to do the CCTV installation yourself, you have to consider the questions below for an optimum design to the security of your construction site.

*What is your current security and safety issue?

*What problems are you experiencing right now that can be solved with a CCTV system?

*Have you experienced theft on the site?

*Who did you think is the culprit: the staff, passers-by, kids or the contractors?

*Are there incidents that you wish you could have seen on camera?

*What is your current security system? Are there on-site security staff?

*Do your immediate surroundings require you to have an in-site high level security – such as being next to a deserted derelict building or a large housing estate?

There are lots of factors that entail in the installation of a CCTV system and a temporary CCTV system for a building site is an incredible opportunity not just in improving and increasing the workers’ productivity but also reducing accidents, minimizing theft and keeping the construction on track.

Ways in Installing a CCTV System 

First: Make a diagram. By now you already know the key points of your surveillance needs and on where to put your cameras. It is impractical and expensive to assign one camera for every square inch of the construction site so prioritize the areas that you want to be always watched like the materials/supply corner. Have a copy of the blueprint of your building and note the corners where you want to put the cameras into. As soon as it’s done, check every location and make sure there is no blockage of any sort and whether it could provide the best possible view.

Second: Buy the appropriate CCTV packages. Make sure the system that you will be getting suits your needs. There are cameras that you can buy by piece but it is generally easier and cheaper if you buy bundled ones. Since you need to monitor a huge area, wireless cameras are the most efficient. Make sure you get wall mounts and camera protectors because a construction site’s environment is harsh.

Third: Attach camera to the DVR.  You just have to plug it into its appropriated port and turn a small nut to its end to lock it in.

Fourth: Link cameras to the computer. Wireless cameras come with a disc that you will need to install to view feeds. As soon as you install the software, follow the instructions on your screen to access the cameras.

Some cameras have small receivers that you have to attach to the computer using a USB cable. If so, make sure it is properly attached.

Write down the cameras’ IP addresses i.e., if provided. This number may be typed in any browser to view camera/s remotely.

Fifth: Call a construction security specialist to set-up a system fitted for your building. A lot of these security companies install not just cameras but motion sensors and an automatic emergency calling just for you but it costs more than a typical DIY installation.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Understanding CCTV Troubleshooting

The procedure of troubleshooting a CCTV system is considered horrible even by some of the installation and service managers in Singapore whereas others consider it as a form of art. A problem can occur in a CCTV system anytime, during its initial installation and afterwards. Many people consider the process of troubleshooting as an additional expense over the operation cost of their surveillance system. But even a new technician can resolve the issues in the surveillance system if he has basic knowledge about the test equipment used for this purpose and the ways to use it. Brief information in this regard is provided here under to understand these procedures easily.

Observing the diagram of the system
While troubleshooting a CCTV system the first step should be to understand the layout of the system by examining its block diagram. This step becomes more important for the service technicians when the surveillance system is used at different locations for monitoring. One can properly follow the procedures of troubleshooting by following the data paths displayed in its videos. They can easily determine the problem by understanding these paths as a system is easy to understand through paper diagram than in the field. Moreover it takes more time to walk through the field than examining a diagram.

Answer certain questions

After examining the diagram of the CCTV system the technician should ask few questions to get information about the system so that its troubleshooting can be done easily. Your questions should be related to:

- The age of the CCTV system as electronic equipment usually fails to work as it wears out with time.

- The occurrence of the same problem in the past, it will help in determining the problem more easily

- Troubleshooting was tried earlier or not, it will help in using different methods for this purpose

Types of cables installed

- Installation of video amplifier in the system
- Number of video monitoring locations attached to the system

Al these questions will help the technician to know the actual position of the CCTV system which will help him in making right decisions regarding the procedures to be used for its troubleshooting.

Division of the system
As a basic rule of troubleshooting art the entire system should be divided into parts so that you may not miss any part while resolving the problem. Moreover it will also speed up your procedure of finding proper solution of the problem. The CCTV system can be divided mainly into three sections camera, control system and communication system. Usually problem in a surveillance system is found in its communication part or camera whereas its control system is linked with programming and termination of errors.

Normally more than 60% problems in CCTV systems are caused due to disorders in their connections, termination and cable system whereas nearly 25% problems are related to power supply like over voltage etc. in this way only nearly 10% of the problems are related to the failure of the equipment or the errors caused by human efforts. So, if you provide proper training and education along with suitable tools to your technician then the money spent on him will pay back its value more than your expectations, with time.

Testing tools and equipment
The troubleshooting technician should be able to pin point the problem by evaluating the signs instead of guessing the problems in your CCTV system. So for this purpose he must be equipped with some basic tools that can be useful for resolving problems in your system. These tools can be video oscilloscope, volt-ohm-meter, ND3 lens filter, test monitor along with a set of screwdrivers

Aim of troubleshooting procedures
All the procedures for troubleshooting CCTV system are used with an aim to reproduce video images properly so that they can be displayed on the monitors and accepted the investigating teams. So in order to get acceptable images of any information the surveillance system should have a proper control system as well as properly working oscilloscope. You can track the information through the entire loop of the video by making certain temporary variations in the signals coming in visible wave form from the camera. The oscilloscope of the system can help in detecting the problem of "No Video" caused by the excessive use of its auto-iris lens with wide open latch. It can considerably reduce the time taken for finding and resolving the problem along with preventing its occurrence in future by improving the capability to view and analyze the waveform of the video. Basically a waveform video contains blanking information, video information and sync information which can be used to determining the problem by understanding them properly.

Installation and training

The need of troubleshooting the CCTV system can be reduced by using proven procedures for its proper installation and for this purpose the technicians should be provided proper training. Simple mistakes in the installation of surveillance system like incorrect installation of the connectors, cables and termination system can cause havocs while making videos through it. You should use right type of cables and connectors as suggested by the manufacturers of CCTV systems to get perfect results. Earlier aluminium-shielded cable and copper centred conductors were considered as the standard equipment suggested for this purpose but today they have been outdated.

Manufacturers are consistently revising the type of cables and connectors used for making good videos due to the improvement in digital technologies to make their systems more effective and accurate. Today manufacturers have shortened the distance of the operating cables of their surveillance systems because digital equipment requires smaller range of operation than analog equipment. The information of all these things will help not only in the proper installation of CCTV but also in resolving its problems. Some of the manufacturers of surveillance systems are offering training courses to make troubleshooting and repairing their systems easier. Such arrangements have helped in reducing the number of phone calls related to the problems in the surveillance systems.

Thus, by understanding the procedures of troubleshooting CCTV your technical staff can not only keep our system in effective working condition but also save lots of your money by detecting the pilferages in your business premises in Singapore.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Pros & Cons On Intrusion Detection CCTV

CCTVs are common in the recent world. People are using them in their homes and business premises for surveillance. With a CCTV system, you can watch over your property easily, even in your absence. Some of these systems are designed to work in discreet while others are open, and anyone would notice them. One thing about the Closed Circuit TVs is that you will still need to supervise the feeds keenly to ensure no one accesses the premises without authorization. The reason for this is that intruders can bravely access your property, even as the camera is recording. To solve this, CCTV specialists have integrated the units with an intrusion detection system.

What is an IDS - Intrusion Detection System?

This is a software app or a device that monitors the activities of a system or a network, along with other violation of policies. Once the system detected the malicious activities, it will send electronic reports to a sophisticated management system or station. For that, an intrusion detection CCTV is one that has been set to detect any malicious activities or movements while it records, then sends the report to a management station.

The Good and Bad of the ID CCTV System

The intrusion detection system is designed to ensure that the premises remain safe and perfectly managed. You will not have to follow every movement in your premises on the screen that is fed by the CCTV camera. Alternatively, you can simply carry on with your work or whatever you are doing, and the Intrusion Detection CCTV unit will alert you whenever there is a break-in.

Advantages of Using the ID CCTV

With the ability to alert you whenever there is a suspicion movement or activity in your premises, the intrusion CCTV ensures that your property is safe at all times. Here are the benefits of having such a system on your property.

• Extra Defensive
Properties are normally vulnerable, especially if someone knows that nobody is watching in the supervision room. An intruder might monitor each move of the supervisor at the management station, waiting to break into the property.

Luckily enough, the Intrusion Detection system ensures that the property is kept safe from the slightest malicious act. Any movement or policy violation in the property will be reported to the management station. This keeps your property secure at all times.

• Allows the admins to reckon the attacks
Suppose the administrators want to compile the number of attacks on your property, they will rely on the reports given by the IDS CCTV system. This way, it becomes easier to develop the best way to keep your property safe at all time.

Each intrusion system will give a report of a suspected activity, along with the description of the activity. If there has been an attempted hack or unauthorized access, the system will record that to the management system. Through this, the admins can quantify the attacks and find ways to prevent them.

• They monitor internal and external attacks
Even with a CCTV system, your property can still be attacked internally. If it is an inside job, an employer can organize to steal from the property, along with an external attack. Luckily enough, the Intrusion Detection system helps to identify every single attack. If there is an attack that is based on the internal network or there is an external hack attempt, the system will take a record of each attack.

• It gives a centralized management for a set of attacks
Another good thing about the IDS is that it makes it easier to manage the correlation of attacks. Suppose various attacks are recorded by the CCTV, the IDS system helps to manage them at one point. The centralized management makes it easier to handle the attacks and ensuring that you keep your property safe from any future attacks.

• Allows you to protect easily your network
Unless you monitor the CCTV system keenly, anyone can break into your property and get away with your valuables. Naturally, it can be difficult to keep watch of the property every single second. If someone is watching over the property, they can doze off, and in the event, there will be a break-in.

With the ID CCTV, it will automatically alert the management station whenever there is an attempted break-in in your property. This way, you can be sure of keeping your property safe and stop any future attempt to access your property without authorization.


• It can provide false alarm
It is true that the intrusion detection system will alert you whenever there is an attempted attack to break into your system. The negative side of it is that it can alert you when there is nothing dangerous to the system. Alternatively, it can miss some attacks since hackers are finding new ways of accessing properties.

• It doesn’t prevent the attacks
The Intrusion Detection CCTV system will only detect the attacks, rather than protect the attacks. The good about them is that they will send alerts to the management station for action to be taken.

• Requires more maintenance
The IDS CCTV has been programmed to monitor and report suspicious attacks. It will not handle such activities like scanning a virus, replacing a firewall, or perform a critical security action. For that, you will need to be alert at all times to ensure the system is not attacked by a virus. This implies that the system will require more maintenance.

• It requires an experienced staff
This system is delicate, and it needs to be handled by a professional. Unless the staff is experienced in handling the system, they will not be able to differentiate a false negative and a false positive.


The Intrusion Detection CCTV system helps to keep your property safe. Suppose there was an attempted or a successful break-in, you can have enough evidence with the intrusion detection system records. The system helps to keep your property safe by alerting you whenever there is a malicious attack. Even though it might deliver false positive and negatives, the system can be relied on for extra protection. It also limits the work of the management and supervision team, since it sends every suspected feed to the station.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

CCTV Installation Guide for Construction Sites

In order to increase the security at a construction sites in Singapore, CCTV surveillance has become a great option these days. You can keep your construction strategically safe by installing a quality surveillance system as it offers a number of benefits. It can help in preventing the theft of property at your construction sites like tools and construction materials which can cause inconvenience and increase the cost of the project. Thus investing in CCTV is not an unnecessary expense even for temporary construction projects as nothing it inexpensive these days. 

According to various studies digital surveillance can reduce crime rate at construction sites even if it cannot stop theft completely.
CCTV surveillance at construction sites was considered unnecessary and impractical until few years back as proper and good quality cameras were not available till then. But today the scenario has completely changed with the dramatic improvement in technologies and bandwidth of mobile networks. Now you can get live images of your construction sites even while sitting far away from it due to offsite transmission of the streaming images with the help of amazing quality of 3G or 4G networks.

In this guide for CCTV installation at construction sites brief information of the types of cameras used for this purpose and there benefits are briefly discussed for your guidance.

Types of CCTV cameras used for construction sites

Basically three types of CCTV surveillance cameras are used in Singapore to increase security of the construction sites. These cameras include Box Security camera, Bullet security camera and dome camera. But today battery powered Videofied systems are also used at the construction locations were permanent electric supply is not available.

Box security cameras: The versatility of these cameras has made them very popular among building contractors. Though you will have to buy a lens separately for using a box type camera at your construction sites but they are still popular in Singapore because they can be shifted to another site very easily as per the needs of the site. Normally they are designed for indoor surveillance but if you want to use them outdoor then you will have to arrange outdoor housing to keep it protected from thieves and weather conditions.

Bullet security cameras: This is another type of cameras for building sites. You need not purchase housing for these cameras as they are designed to use indoor and outdoor with equal ease. The field of vision of these cameras even in totally dark areas can be illuminated by using preinstalled IR LEDs or InfraRed Light Emitting Diodes. IRL EDs allow this camera to see what a naked human eye cannot see in the darkness. So for this reason these cameras are preferably used for surveillance of larger building sites.

Dome cameras: These cameras are useful for the site of construction as they can easily be mounted anywhere to increase security through their various features including Pan-Tilt-Zoom movement, tracking and following the object and infrared technology used in them. They are considered as the best alternative for controlling vandalism at building site. The rugged and tough design and excellent quality of videos has made this surveillance camera popular among construction contractors.

Battery powered cameras: Since last few years battery powered cameras like RSI Videofied system etc. are also becoming popular among construction companies as they can be used at the sites of construction where permanent source of electric supply is not available. It has a video verification and alarm system along with external detectors to make quality videos of the sites even in the darkness of night with the help of infrared LED system provided in it when any movement is detected by its sensors. This camera sends a streaming video to the manager of the site to alert him to take action as required.

Installation of CCTV at construction sites

After selecting a suitable CCTV you can hire a professional installation service to install it effectively at your construction sites. The service provider will install not only the camera but also remote monitoring system so that you or your managerial staff can see the activities at your site while sitting away from it. They can also modify your security system as per the rules of Singapore government to increase the security of your site as per your requirement.

A reputed professional installation company will also offer maintenance and insurance for the CCTV installed at your construction sites. They can also reduce the cost of the security at your site of construction by replacing the faulty or damaged cameras at their cost. You can visit at their website to know the type of cameras and their accessories they can provide and ask for quotation to get them installed affordably at your building site. They will also provide you a site plan showing the locations where surveillance cameras have been installed so that you can easily locate them later on, if required.

Benefits of CCTV at construction sites

Some benefits of installing CCTV at building site or site of construction are given here under for your consideration, by comparing them with traditional security systems

- The cost of security of construction sites can be reduced considerably by installing CCTV for remote monitoring of the site instead of employing manual guards.

- Moreover you can know the actual cost of the security of the site of construction as the rate of surveillance will not change very week.

- The images recorded by the updated surveillance system of your building site can be used for the prevention of crime

- It can reduce the risk of health and safety of your staff and material not only during working hours but also after working hours as you or your staff can monitor the site without visiting it.
If you have several projects even then you can monitor all of your sites remotely through your mobile devices against a minor additional cost.

- Surveillance system with infrared LED does not need a permanent source of electricity for their proper working.

Thus you can increase the security of your construction sites in Singapore by installing CCTV surveillance systems according to the information provided in this guide

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Why Choose Us As Your Smartphone CCTV Contractor?

CCTV is already the best way of monitoring since a long time and thanks to the evolution of smartphone and high-speed mobile network, now you can do the monitoring of your property using your smartphone or other handheld computing devices. Without any doubt, this can offer so many fantastic benefits to you, but you may never get these benefits unless you choose the right contractor for CCTV installation. For this requirement, you can choose us as your smartphone cctv contractor and you can get the best result from us. We also understand you may have various questions and you may ask why choose us as your smartphone CCTV contractor.

We are sharing few details about our company that can help you trust on us and then you can also know the reasons to choose as your smartphone CCTV contractor.

A team of qualified experts: We provide services that require specific knowledge and skills. We understand this basic thing without any doubt and that is why we invest good time finding experts for the work. And, once we find experts and trustworthy technicians, for smartphone CCTV installation, then we try to retain them with us. Hence, we can say we have a team of highly qualified and experienced people that makes us one of the best smartphone CCTV contractor in Singapore. And that is one big reason to choose us as your contractor for smartphone CCTV installation in Singapore.

Best price to our customers: Cost is always a big factor that restrict many people to go for the advance option of smartphone CCTV connection. We do understand this fact and that is why we prefer not to charge any high amount to any of our customers. We simply try to reduce the cost for all our customers in the best possible manner. We always offer the competitive price to our clients, but we never compromise with quality or services and that is one more big reason to choose us as your contractor for smartphone cctv installation and remote monitoring.

Great after sales services: Installation of smartphone CCTV is one thing and providing services for same is another thing. We do believe that if you don’t get good service, then you don’t need to choose any contractor including us. That is why we provide great after sales services to all of our customers regardless of their requirement or problems. We do provide services to you after sales and if you get any kind of troubles or complication for same, then we are there to assist you. So, we can say that is one big reason to choose us for the installation and configuration of smartphone CCTV at your premises.

We have years of experience: Experience is another key factor that need to be there while doing any kind of work for CCTV installation. We have well understanding for this as well and that is why we use all the experience in our work. This, years of experience reflect in our work as well. Also, many of our competitors adverted the smartphone CCTV after a very long time, but we did that as soon this system came into existence. Now we can say smartphone CCTV system is matured and with this maturity we also got good experience in this field and we can help you get the best outcome with ease.

We help you use it properly: Use of smartphone CCTV system may be a tough task for many people considering they do not know how to use it properly. This is a big issue and we do understand this fact. However, we never try to run away from this problem. Instead of running away from this problem, we train you for using it. We do have some specific apps as well that you can use for monitoring your CCTV system with your smartphone. Also, we do provide specific documents or guidelines to you explaining how to use it on your smartphone. Needless to say, this training and documentation is one more thing that can encourage you to choose us as your contractor for CCTV installation in your office of home.

High-quality product’s: Any service provider or contractor can offer great services to you only if that contractor uses the high-quality product. If any contractor uses mediocre quality in its products, then he cannot provide the best services to you in any condition. When we install or provide smartphone CCTV system to you, then we always choose the best quality product for same. If we are not sure about the quality of product or material, then we do not provide that to our customer. This high quality gives us a great confidence on our services or products both and we can offer services to our customers with great level of confidence as well.

We have all licenses and approvals: In Singapore, you need to have special licenses and approval for installation of CCTV system. We abide the law and we have all kind of licenses and approval that are essential for installation of same in your home or office. These license and approvals from governing authorities also means we are capable enough to do this work for you because agencies give these licenses to a contractor only if that contractor is good enough to do the work. So, we can say that is another good reason to choose us as your contractor for same.

In addition to this, we also have proper understanding about local laws that are enforced in Singapore for the installation of CCTV system in your home or building. That means if you need to take some special permission for installation of CCTV camera in your premises, then we will inform you for same and we can also help you get the permission with ease. Other than this, we can offer many other benefits also to you that can encourage you to choose us as a contractor for your smartphone CCTV system in Singapore and you will get the best result with it.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Avtech CCTV VS Samsung CCTV

CCTVs are supposedly must-haves in many organizations and businesses around Singapore. They help to boost the security and ensure that everything is working as expected. There are different brands of CCTVs in Singapore and the common ones are the Avtech CCTVs and the Samsung CCTVs. These two brands tend to complete greatly in the market. Some clients prefer the Samsung CCTV, while others tend to go for the Avtech CCTVs. But which of these two brands is worth picking? Here is a look at the two brands, in relation to their delivery.

Avtech CCTV

This is one of the most trusted companies that manufacture cctvs in Singapore. The brand has a number of benefits and here is a look at some of the top benefits of the Avtech cctv.

• They are cheaper
The cctvs of this brand are very much cheaper and economical, compared to the Samsung products. They go at a reasonable and much lower prices, which also delivers reliable feeds in terms of the surveillance. This is a great option if you want a budget-friendly cctv for your home or business.

• Uses less power
The Avtech cctv will also require less power to run, compared to the Samsung cctv and other CCTV brands. These cctvs will not need a server device and for that, they will not require much energy to run. This can help you to save on the energy costs as you are enjoying surveillance of your home or business premises.

• They tend to be versatile
This means that you can be able to attach an external alarm to the system. Though the alarm will be sold separately. The alarm can help to detect any movement around the camera, in case the camera stops functioning. This can work as a backup system when the camera is tampered with.

The cons

Regardless of the positive sides of the Avtech CCTV units, they also have some drawbacks. Some of the limitations of the Avtech camera include the following;

• Limited warranty
Compared to the Samsung cctv and other cctv brands, the Avtech cctv will have a limited warranty. Mostly, the system will come with a warranty of about 2 years. The first year is meant for the replacement, while the second year is for repair or servicing of the system. For that, if the system fails after the second year, you will not have it replaced, but it will only be checked for any problems. This can be reliable at some point.

• Not a 5-star quality
Since they are cheap enough, these systems tend to have a somewhat poor quality. This is when they are compared to the Samsung cctv systems. Most clients have issues with the video quality, while others complain about the entire system.

The Avtech cctv systems are also reported to have a shorter life span. This is in relation to the service delivery. Even though they are covered by the warranty, the systems do not last as long as many people expect them to last.

Samsung CCTV 

Known all over the world, Samsung is among the leading companies in Singapore, which makes high quality and durable CCTV systems. There are many benefits of using the Samsung systems and they tend to have better services in general. Here is a look at some of the benefits of the Samsung systems;

• They are durable
One of the benefits of the Samsung cctv systems is that they are durable and they tend to serve you for quite a long time. These systems are developed with a high technology that allows them to work for longer hours without breaking down. You can be sure of having the camera work throughout the day, without having any issues of the system heating up in any possible way.

• Long-term warranty
In addition to their durability, the Samsung CCTV systems come with a long-term warranty. This assures you of a stable system for the longest time possible. Most of the Samsung CCTV systems will come with a 5-year warranty. This is a very long time and also, you will be sure of having the system replaced or fixed accordingly.

• High quality delivery
Whether it is the live feeds, the video quality or any other control of the system, the Samsung cctv offers a high-quality delivery. You can watch high quality videos, share them with your mobile devices and make other controls.


• They are costly
One drawback of the Samsung systems is that they tend to be very much expensive, compared to the Avtech cctvs. The good thing about all this is that they are of a high quality. They also tend to last for long, so they are worth the price.

• Sophisticated system
The Samsung systems tend to be complicated and they will need professional help when you need to install and set them up. Even though some will come with a user manual, they are still very complicated when it comes to operating them.

Both brands have systems that can be accessed easily from wherever you are. You can access the cctv camera from the internet, using the correct LAN address. This helps to keep you updated with the current situation of your home of business. You can also have them integrated with your mobile devices for an easier access. Nonetheless, Samsung takes the lead when it comes to the mobile integration. You can view the feeds and even control the system using your Samsung Smartphone.

Generally, these two cctv systems are both reliable, and they both have their drawbacks. Nonetheless, you will want to be keen when you need a perfect choice of a CCTV system. The Samsung cctv is very much reliable, it can last for years and it has a high quality delivery. Conversely, they tend to be highly expensive and also, you will need professional assistance in case of any issue. The Avtech system is much cheaper, but it doesn’t offer such a high quality delivery. Even though it can also be accessed remotely, it still doesn’t reach the level of the Samsung CCTV. Always be sure of the pros and cons of the cctv system that you intend to install on your property. Above all, contact an experienced supplier to help you choose wisely.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

7 Benefits Of Installing CCTV in Your Home

It is a fact that insecurity and theft has increased in the past few year. This has forced home owners to take action and look for more complex security systems to safeguard their homes and properties. This demand has led to some brilliant inventions where home security is concerned. One of these inventions is the CCTV camera. CCTV in full simply means closed circuit television. This television is fitted with a camera that records activities going on around the area where it is fitted. There are many benefits associated with this setup. Below are seven benefits of installing CCTV in your home.

1. Overall improvement in the home security
The fact that a CCTV camera can record activities going on in your house and transmit the same information means that you are alerted every time your home security is in jeopardy, and can then take measures to deal with the station. If you have engaged the services of a security company, they can be able to monitor your home remotely and always keep an eye on your home to ensure that your property is well safeguarded.

2. Provides evidence in case of a break-in or any other crime
Once the CCTV installation process is complete, the camera starts to record all activities that are going on. In case your home is broken into, the camera is able to record this and this evidence will come in handy as you try to recover any stolen items and take action against the people responsible for the break-in.

3. Acts as a deterrent to thieves
Thieves will in most cases keep off properties where they are more likely to get caught. Once the thieves realize that you have installed these cameras in your property, they will keep off and opt to go somewhere else where they can steal and get away with it. The camera installation has to be done in strategic areas for them to be effective in deterring thieves.

4. Provides a constant presence
Having a CCTV camera is like having a third eye always looking over your property. You are assured that all activities that are going on in your home are recorded and when your property is in danger you are made aware, so there are no surprises. A constant presence will also encourage good behavior in your home since people living in your home will be aware that their actions are being recorded.

5. Provide peace of mind
It is normal to be afraid of losing your valuables when you are away from your home. Installing CCTV cameras takes care of that and provides the peace of mind that can only be achieved if you are sure that your property is well safeguarded against theft. Whether you opt to take an extended holiday on the other side of the continent, or just want to get away from home for a weekend, you are guaranteed that your home is being watched and your property is not at risk simply because you are away.

6. Reduced insurance premiums
Installing a CCTV camera in your home means that you are taking extra measures to boost your home's overall security. This gives an advantage and makes it possible for you to negotiate for lower insurance premiums since your home will be considerably safer and at a lower risk of being targeted by intruders.

When you consider the frequency of paying out these insurance premiums and the one time investment of installing a camera, you will be convinced that a CCTV camera is a much cheaper and better bet even without considering all the benefits that come with installation and use of these cameras.

7. Associated advantages
If you are able to access a footage of what is going on in your home, you will notice if anything else other that a break in occurs. For example in the case of a fire, you are aware when this happens and can take action to ensure that the fire is contained and limit the level of damage that you would otherwise incur.

Having a CCTV camera at your front door or just outside your gate will also allow you to see the person on the other side of the door or the gate. This gives you a chance to prepare adequately especially if the person on the other side poses any threat to your life.

Friday, 8 April 2016

6 Questions To Ask Before You Installing CCTV Cameras

CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit Television. They are the modern day solution for your security needs. If you are going away from home and you looking for someone for surveillance, there is no need to hire a security guard, just install CCTV cameras to monitor your home, workplace, shops or office. CCTV cameras can even be installed in schools, railway stations, hospitals, banks, airports, police stations and colleges to have constant surveillance in the area. CCTV cameras can be bought online or in local stores but installing them does not guarantee outright safety of a premise, here are 6 Questions to Ask before You Installing CCTV Cameras:

1. How much do security cameras cost?
The cost of CCTV cameras vary depending on certain aspect such as the specifications, brand among others. The price of Fixed indoor security starts from $60 and they can cost as high as $200 while the cost of fixed outdoor CCTV cameras ranges from $100 to $300. PYZ security cameras are more expensive ranging from $400 to as high as thousands of dollars depending on the specifications you choose.

However, the cost of CCTV cameras is not all that you should be concerned with, there are certainly cheaper security camera systems but you will always get what you are willing to pay for. The cheaper options provide blurred images and they easily break down posing risk to your valuables.

When buying CCTV cameras, have a set budget but be ready to adjust if you get cameras that provide you better security with little or no maintenance.

2. Are wireless cameras a good option?
Wireless security cameras are mostly made for use in line of light and the outdoors. This means that the receiver antenna and transmitter antenna should be located away from any structures and they should be able to physically see each other. The signal of wireless cameras becomes week when it is obstructed by trees and walls causing a problem. Therefore, if there are objects in the area of surveillance, you will get unstable reception or no picture at all.

Cell towers and power lines can also kill the pictures as well as pumps and motors in the vicinity. Not to mention anything with the same or close frequency band as the cameras transmission such as cordless phones, cell phones, microwaves and vacuums. The wireless equipment also have to be hand wired to the power, therefore, the only thing that is wireless is the video. For better quality videos, you should choose the hard wired connection.

3. Where is the best place to install CCTV cameras?
Security cameras should be installed in strategic locations where they can easily record everything going on. The best place to install CCTV cameras are:

· Front door
This is the first place that you should consider installing security cameras. It can either be installed on the outside facing the front door or inside the house facing the front door. If the camera will be installed outdoor, purchase one that is weather proof with night vision capabilities. You also need an extension cord that connects to an indoor or outdoor power source.

· First floor windows
First floor windows are common entry point by burglars. The camera should be installed directly opposite the window on a high position to be able to get a clear image of the burglar.

· The back door
The back door is also vulnerable if the front do is open to the street. Install a security camera in the house facing the back door.

· The garage
Garages offers access to some of the most expensive items such as cars and bikes. Therefore, have a security camera installed facing the garage door in an angle that it is able to pick the face of the intruder even during day time.

· Side gate and Backyard
Backyards are easy to access the property from or even escape from. In homes, this is the area kids spend most of their time hence the need to keep it under surveillance. A single camera can capture the area, but you may need multiple cameras if the backyard occupies a big area. The best location to install the camera is the entry point to the backyard.

4. Should you need varifocal or lenses on the surveillance cameras?
This highly depends on your preference as well as the location of the security camera. Some of the security cameras with lenses give a very sharp picture but you cannot be able to adjust how the camera focuses. You can point the camera in a different direction but you can only be able to get what you see through the camera. Cameras such as Low Pro ceiling mount and Sentry-700 Dome Camera have a wide range of adjustments and they also have verifocal lenses that enable a user to adjust the zoom and focus manually enabling you to get the view you want.

You can easily move it with the hand to aim a different area and also change how far and wide you are able to see. This is important especially if you want to view a wide area.

5. Is there a need for battery backup for security camera systems?
A battery back up is important if you want to have uninterrupted surveillance of your premises. The battery backup should have two outlets to allow you plug in both the camera power supply and the DVR. In case of a power outage, the security camera is able to take the images while the DVR will be recording.

Go for a battery backup with a high VA rating so that it can stay powered for a longer period. Also, ensure you get a UPS that can be set automatically. This means when power goes out for a long time and exhausts all the battery power, the UPS is able to turn back on as soon as power is restored.

Some UPS have a non powered battery outlet but they give surge protection. This is very handy as it helps to keep your security monitored while plugged into a surge protected outlet without draining the battery in case power goes out.

6. Do you need infrared CCTV cameras?
If the camera is indoors, it depends on whether the lights stay on all night or not. Infrared CCTV cameras is great for outdoor security cameras.

Monday, 21 March 2016

When Should You Install CCTV With Audio Recording?

In this twenty-first century, technologies play an important role in every aspect of life. Now new and innovative creations have made human life easy and comfortable. In the current conditions, we do not need to be concerned about the security of our loved ones and the safety of our workplace as you can get all the information in a moment by the blessing of a technology. Nothing is impossible in this digital world. You can get the information of our loved ones even by staying a hundred kilometers away from them.

The CCTV camera is one of the inventions of the modern technology. Nowadays, you do not need to rely much on the manual power. You can keep an eye on our family and office staff on your own even without their knowledge. Yes, that is possible by installing CCTV camera in those places. You can install CCTV cameras at your home and office to observe their activities.

Currently, CCTV cameras are coming with the audio recording system. This is certainly a welcome step as it helps to watch and hear the voices of the places that you want to look after. It is really helpful to understand a crime and to know what is going in a particular place. If it is n public institution, this system can help the authorities to know what is going on in their place and to take any precaution in advance if they notice any irregularity.

In Singapore, CCTV camera is getting installed in restaurants, health care systems, educational institutions, public and private organizations to ensure the safety of the users and to create fear in the minds of the people who try to do any unethical things and crime. In current conditions, CCTV camera with audio recording is playing a crucial role in recognizing the criminals in many cases. Legal authorities take the help of this system to identify crime and criminal.

Like any other technology, this advanced system has some negative impacts. If you are under the supervision of the CCTV camera, you will obviously feel restricted and ultimately that will influence your behavior. But when we compare the positive impacts, you can ignore the minor disadvantages.

CCTV systems are available with a variety of price range. If you want a few features, you can get one for you without spending much. If you are concerned about the safety of any of your family members then consider installing security cameras with audio recording to know what is going on in your absence and what you need to do to deal with this issue.

When should you Install CCTV with audio recording? 

Advanced and developed CCTV systems are coming with many developed features. They can transmit and record at the same time. Though this system, you can watch what is going on in your area and you can hear their voices as well. This is the best way when you want to keep an eye on your little baby and on any elder people of your home who needs special care and attention in your absence. In Singapore, CCTV camera can be used for the multiple purposes to monitor the activities. You can use the CCTV systems in the following conditions.

• To ensure the safety of your dear ones
Currently, we are forced to leave our younger kids under the supervision of the other people to meet the work and job demands. In these cases, we always feel worried and excited to know about the well-being of our little one and use the cell phone to get the information. But you can install the CCTV camera with audio recording to know what is going on at your home and how your baby is and how your maid is treating the little one. The same is applicable to the senior people at your home. In case, you feel any irregularity, you can rush to home and take the required action.

• To prevent crime
By installing CCTV cameras, you can truly create fears in the mind of the criminals. They will think hundred times before committing a crime if the CCTV camera is installed in that area. When you install a CCTV camera in your home or workplace, you can actually prevent a criminal mind to work. Your employees get intimated in the thought that they will be caught red-handed if they do something harmful or illegal. Hence, they will try their best to meet the job requirements without violating the job norms.

• To collect evidence
If you believe that someone is violating the rules or doing anything wrong, but you do not have any proof to keep your point, then you need to install CCTV system. You can install it without the knowledge of any person and can collect the required evidence. This is applicable both for the homes and offices. But if you are installing it in your office then make sure that you are not violating any law. It is important to know the legal procedures before installing a security camera in the workplace.

• To maintain Records
If you want to get the records of something in your absence then you can install CCTV systems in those areas. By installing the CCTV camera, you will be able to know what is happening in your office or at your home in your absence. You can simply check the cameras instead of asking others about the details. This is the easy procedure and you can get the exact information. You can know what is going on, who was present, and what the current status is. If it is about a crime, you can get a proof through this camera. And all the legal authorities accept this proof.

CCTV cameras work as a reliable friend in the current condition. You can rely on them and use them to gather evidence, to ensure the safety of your home and workplace and to make your employees disciplined. By installing a CCTV system with audio recording, you will reduce the manual work and can use it for a longer time. It is cost-effective and serves the purpose as well.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pros & Cons On Wireless CCTV Camera

Whether it be for organizational purposes or for security reasons, CCTV cameras are everywhere these days. The telecommunication industry has increased in leaps and bounds in such a way that cameras and other methods of surveillance are now available at the click of a button. As with everything else, when it comes to CCTV cameras, there are certain pros as well as cons. In this article we take a look at the various advantages and the corresponding drawbacks of CCTV cameras in order to form a better understanding of the product itself.

Different Advantages of CCTV Camera

There are a number of advantages of installing and using CCTV cameras. These are:

Security: The first and foremost advantage of installing a CCTV camera is the fact that it is one of the best security measures worldwide. Since the entire function of the camera is to track, capture and record movements on any given area, it is the perfect device for making sure that there are no security hazards. For instance, if there is a CCTV installed at the gate of one’s residence, it is easy to keep a lookout for strangers and other people. This is in turn reduces the risks of thefts and other crimes and can ensure that one is secure at all times.

Convenience: The other reason that the CCTV cameras are so popular is because it is convenient to install, handle and use. Since there are no wires and other entanglements involved, the entire system is hassle free at all times.

Cost Effective: Along with the convenience, CCTV cameras in general tend to be more cost effective over time. Barring the initial cost of installation, there is reduced maintenance and no need for constant checking and re-checking of the parts involved. Furthermore, for those who live in large residences where there is a need for constant security, the installation of the CCTV means reduced expenditure behind a guard of sorts. Overall, this is one system that kills two birds with one stone. While the cost of maintenance is reduced, there is also greater security and a failproof method of ensuring that the premises remain free of burglars and unwanted strangers.

Mobility and Ease of Use: Along with the convenience of a wireless system the wireless CCTV cameras are extremely versatile in use. That is to say that the cameras themselves can be removed and installed elsewhere depending on one’s convenience. If for instance, one feels that there is little need of surveillance inside the residence or office building and a greater demand for it on the outskirts, one can easily remove the camera and reinstall it. The best part about this is that there is no real need for any added technical assistance at this stage. With a little care and precision, one can move the CCTV camera around freely.

Versatility of Location: As we have seen, the wireless CCTV cameras are easy to use and can be moved around freely. The other advantage that this brings along with it is that one can easily attach the cameras on any high wall without hindrance. In the case of a wired camera, there have been reports regarding the difficulty of attaching the camera on walls due to the lack of a pre-existing switchboard. However, the beauty of the wireless CCTV camera is that it can be attached on top of high fences to ensure maximum security.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: The wireless CCTV cameras that are in use today are easy to install and maintain. This is because, as we have seen in the previous point, there is no need for a separate switchboard. Moreover, one does not need to drill holes and install cable wires in order to place the camera at a desired location. As compared to the wired CCTV cameras, the wireless ones take only around 3-4 hours for installation. When it comes to maintenance, users need not spend a huge amount behind maintaining the cable connections. Therefore, there is an overall reduction in the cost and time of maintaining and installing the surveillance system.

Sufficient Coverage: Since the CCTV cameras are built primarily for security reasons, it is important that they be provide maximum coverage. While this feature varies from model to model, the overall coverage of CCTV cameras is sufficient to ensure a secure atmosphere.

Convenient Designs: In the case of installing cameras in residential or commercial areas, the one thing that should be kept in mind is that the design be compatible with the landscape. It is for this reason that wireless CCTV cameras are so popular these days. Not only are they easy to handle and install but they are compact in design and can be fitted almost anywhere. Overall, whether it comes to use, ease of installation or design, the wireless CCTV cameras are a great investment.

Drawbacks of the CCTV Camera

As with every device, the CCTV camera, too, has some disadvantages. These are:

Video Quality: The primary drawback of the CCTV camera is that the video quality is not always of high quality. This might create a few problems for those who work exclusively in the surveillance departments. For residential and commercial purposes a mid to high-end CCTV camera is almost always a sufficient security protocol.

Can be Hacked: Even though the surveillance industry has improved exponentially over the years, CCTV cameras are not entirely immune to being hacked. There are a number of jammers in the market today than can be used to disturb the CCTV feed so that thefts can be carried out despite security measures.

Need for Technical Support: Since the CCTV system is one that is specialized, there is always need for some sort of technical support in case there is any malfunctioning. While the overall maintenance of the wireless camera is markedly low, one still needs to have some means of calling for professional help when the need arises.

While there are certain cons of the CCTV cameras, it is clear from the points mentioned in the article that the pros far outweigh them. From sound security to low cost and low maintenance, the wireless CCTV camera system is one of the best in the market so far.