Sunday, 9 April 2017

Installation of CCTV Cameras In Homes and Business Premises

Security has become fundamentally important for everybody from all walks of life in an effort to guarantee safety and protection of property and individuals respectively. Residential and commercial structures are constructed to protect homeowners and businesses against weather conditions. Throughout business structures such as retail outlets and offices all over Singapore, there is a rising requirement to consider an integrated security solution. As much as security guards provide some elementary protection on the ground, it is obvious that they cannot be everywhere at the same time to provide total protection that is needed. This is the point where CCTV security systems are vitally useful within the daily operations of businesses such as restaurants, shops and other commercial properties.

Placing CCTV cameras strategically at key areas within a business premises not only protect against potential criminal activities such as theft and break-ins, they also play important parts in increasing the productivity levels of employees. As much as some individual workers may feel that their statutory rights are being invaded within a working environment, CCTV are installed to ensure the conduct and activities of the employees is maintained at a certain standard on a daily basis.

Technology of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras come in a complete surveillance kit that is typically made up of a series of connected cameras or wireless cameras that are connected to a system that in turn records the information captured and displays the recording on a monitor. Other video monitoring systems are using the same mechanism of wired Ethernet or local area network that is used by the area's residents computers. With the latest advancement in technology, there are smartphone applications that allow you to control your surveillance system even when you are away.

Where To Install CCTV Cameras in Shops and Restaurants around Singapore

> Cameras can either be installed in corners or at the middle of a room. The placement of the camera can affect the security angle and the images that an individual camera can pick up, however the mere presence of the camera in a room can deter any potential criminal activity.

> In restaurants, CCTV cameras can be placed both in the kitchen and the main restaurant. This is to observe the conduct of the employees and also to ensure that the customers are safe and well served.

> In Shops and other retails stores, the cameras are placed in the store rooms and the retail grounds to make it easier for supervisors and managers to monitor the flow of goods from the store to the main shop.

Importance of CCTV Cameras Installation

The following are some of the concerns that shops and restaurant operators in Singapore have listed as the reasons why they find it important to install CCTV cameras.

1. Prevention of Crime
As I said before, the mere presence of a surveillance camera will make a potential criminal to think twice before proceeding with any wrong doing. As a business owner, you also have a very good chance of catching a criminal in the act through the cameras, which can also help you to identify them later on.

2. Prevention of Employee Theft
Theft and vandalism are not the only thing you need to worry about in your business. Some employees can be taking advantage of their positions to steal from your shop or restaurant. This might be the mystery behind the unexplained shortages or disappearances in your business. Installing a CCTV camera in the premises will go a long way in helping you get to the bottom of such kind of issues.

3. Surveillance Cameras Can Serve as Evidence Tools
If a crime takes place in your business premises and you manage to capture the act on camera, you can use this as evidence in court against the criminal involved. The judges will definitely agree to watch a footage in order to prove that the culprit on trial did indeed commit the crime. This will not only permanently stop them from committing further crimes, but will also serve as a good example to others who might be thinking of taking part in such criminal activities.

4. To Watch Over Children and The Elderly or Even People With Special Needs
Apart from the useful nature of CCTV cameras in business premises, installing a surveillance camera in your home will help you keep an eye on your kids or persons who need special care and attention when you are away. It is also a good way of keeping a close watch on your house helps to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is taking place.

5. Encourage Good Conduct in Employees
For bosses and supervisors, having cameras installed in the working areas will automatically improve discipline and good conduct of the employees. If you are a business owner and would like your presence to be always felt by the workers so as to increase work efficiency, a camera hovering the workers will create this effect.

6. Monitoring Areas of High risk
Surveillance cameras can be placed in areas that are at a high risk of fire outbreaks or destruction of any kind, especially in restaurants. When a camera is in place, such occurrences can be spotted early enough and the right measures taken in good time. Other areas that are prone to accidents also need a camera in place so that in case of an accidents, the right measures can be employed promptly.

7. Increasing Confidence in Customers
Restaurants and shops with installed CCTV cameras give the customers a feeling that they are well protected. This secure feeling will create loyalty in your customers and they are sure to give a good reference of your services to their friends and family.

CCTV Camera Types Available in Singapore

> Security cameras in Singapore markets come in many different shapes and and sizes depending on the customer's needs including bullet, dome ans c-mount.

> C-mount cameras are known for holding custom lens so that you can personally design the kind of lens you need.

> Remember the best camera type will depend on your security situation and where you intend to install it.

> Depending on whether you want it for day or night use, this will determine if you will get an infrared camera.

> You can choose to get a high definition camera based on the dimensions you would like to cover.

> You can also get a temper resistant camera if you intend on placing it in a high risk area.

All in all, have exactly what you need in your mind before installing a CCTV camera so that the security professional can give you the most efficient advice based on your security situation and your budget.