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Advantages And Disadvantages Of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are devices that often transmit videos via a closed circuit. This means the video they record cannot in any way be transmitted to outside devises. If you install a CCTV camera in your premises, you will have an opportunity of watching live streams of anything the camera will be recording.

For you to reap the numerous pros linked wit CCTV cameras, it is ideal you consider buying one from a genuine trader. Finding a reliable trader of CCTV cameras will require you to carry out some experimentation. Courtesy of fact- finding, you’ll secure easily genuine purveyors of such products that will provide you with original items, very satisfactory services and also affordable quotes.

How to Locate Legitimate Traders Selling Genuine CCTV Cameras

Tip#1: Looking for CCTV Camera Dealers Online:-
You can locate reliable traders of CCTV cameras provided you can utilize your tab, desktop or smartphone and internet connection appropriately. Search on your gadget, ways of finding legitimate purveyors of CCTV cameras, and a guideline to adhere to will be given.

However, only liaise with content about CCTV cameras that is generated by legit sites so as to reduce possibility of you being misled.

Tip#2: Information or Knowledge from People:-
Relatives, co- workers or buddies you know in your neighborhoods that may have installed CCTV cameras in their respective premises can help you be informed about this subject of interest. Ensure these people alert you about anything they know about CCTV cameras, where they bought theirs
from, the cash they used to buy their cameras and the merits they are experiencing from those devices.

Tip#3: Meeting Several Purveyors of CCTV Cameras:-
Visit several dealers of CCTV cameras and inquire about their devices and/ or services. These traders you opt to promote should link you with several of their recent clients so that you can chat with them and confirm if these purveyors of CCTV cameras are legit and reliable.

Ignore dealers of such devices who fail to connect you with their past consumers as it indicates they are not trustworthy or genuine.

Tip#4: Promoting Traders of CCTV Cameras that are Insured/ Licensed:-
Purchasing these devices from a licensed trader means you’ll be promoting a legit seller who is recognized by the government. Its ideal you also deal with dealers that are covered since you will not suffer from negligence or mistakes resulted by their employees or products.

Tip#5: Considering Traders Offering Inexpensive Services and/ or Products:-
Eliminate different traders you’ve managed to meet and consider the one assuring you with genuine items, affordable quotes as well as very satisfactory services. Let us now briefly discuss about some of the advantages and disadvantages you will likely encounter if you will consider installing CCTV cameras in your premises.

Advantages of CCTV Cameras

*Deter Crime:-
This is not only the biggest but also the most obvious advantage of installing CCTV cameras. Whether you will install these devices in your workplace or at home, you will certainly prevent criminal activities from occurring.

There existence will scare most people who intend to invade your workplace or home with the aim of stealing your valuable things.

*Monitoring Scenarios and Activities:-

Provided there is a reliable power source, working with a security camera system is extremely easy. A CCTV camera will assist you monitor easily the activities of different people working or visiting your workplace or home.

These devices come in different shapes and designs and thus you will not miss one which will suit your security needs perfectly.

*Gathering Evidence:-
Installing CCTV cameras in strategic locations will assist you monitor actions or words of different people during any event. This is because these devices are equipped with high- quality video and audio capabilities.

These devices will be helpful when dealing with legal scenarios, wherein eye witnesses might have forgotten essential details. This is because courtesy of CCTV cameras, a series of different events can be seen as they really happened.

*Arriving at Correct Decisions:-
Footage from a CCTV camera can assist you make right and fair decisions each time you’re trying to settle disputes, both in professional or domestic scenarios. Basically, whether it’s dealing with situations involving a disagreement among your workers or within your family, your doubts will certainly be sorted correctly if you’ve installed a CCTV camera.

Fabricated, inappropriate or incorrect claims made by your consumers or other people can be sorted promptly if you will choose to make your CCTV camera your ally.

*Maintaining Records:-
If you want to know about anything that happened recently or a long time ago in your premises, simply look at your security records recorded provided by your CCTV camera. A CCTV camera records and documents anything it sees systematically i.e. as per time or date of the occurrence.

Disadvantages of CCTV Cameras

*Privacy is a Major Concern:-
Security cameras can stir up controversies in professional set- ups. Most employees do not like the idea of being under constant surveillance since they believe it can end up tampering with their privacy.

*It is a Costly Affair:-

Most types of CCTV cameras are costly and thus most people cannot afford purchasing them. Also, if you can afford to buy these devices, installing and maintaining them means added costs.

Be informed installing these devices by yourself is not easy if you’re not knowledgeable about wiring systems.

*CCTV Cameras Can Be Vulnerable:-
A clever trespasser can probably be more informed about security systems and be in a position to figure out ways to intrude your premises without being detected.

*Cannot Stop a Criminal Activity:-
CCTV cameras cannot stop theft when it’s in progress. Thedevices don’t alert the police or neighbors like alarm system’s do.

Bottom line

As you’ve seen, CCTV cameras carry along both advantages and disadvantages. However, since the merits linked with them outweigh the demerits, make sure you install these devices in your premises soon so that you can reap benefits from them. Also, ensure you adhere to the afore- mentioned
tricks when looking for reliable purveyors of CCTV cameras, for you to secure one who will provide you products that will not disappoint you in the long run.

Monday, 11 June 2018

CCTV installation in Office: Boosting Productivity of Your Business

CCTV system can be a great addition to any business to facilitate growth. This tool can encourage efficiency in the workplace which means positive progress for any business. CCTV requires low maintenance, cost-effective, and requires easy installation.

If business owners decide to harness the power of these systems, they can take their businesses to a higher level. So, how can they achieve that? Below are ways through which CCTV installation in office contributes to the growth of a business.

1. Prevent unethical actions
Installing CCTV systems in the office can prevent the occurrence of immoral actions which can give your business a bad reputation. Such activities include sexual, verbal, and physical harassment. An office prone to such acts can instil fear in workers and lower their morale thereby reducing productivity.

Similarly, no customer will walk into your office knowing there is risk of being raped while walking in the corridors. When you have CCTV systems installed in office, no sane person can try such actions since they know they will be easily caught through the camera footage. This will give your employees and customers a friendly and safe environment which will boost their morale and increase productivity.

2. Proper use of resources
Misuse of office resources can hurt a business. One such resource is the internet. Your employees may use it to stream videos all day long instead of using it learn innovative ways to grow your business. When you install CCTV in the office, they will know they are being watched and they won’t use office resources to do things they shouldn’t. They won’t use the printer wrongly, office chairs, or any resource in a wasteful or damaging way.

3. Cost saving
How much do you spend on security personnel? Well, CCTV systems may be expensive to install but that is a one-time expense compared to hiring a security personnel. The maintenance cost you will need to keep the systems in good condition cannot be compared with what you will be parting with monthly as a salary to a security guard. CCTV installation in office will save you a great deal in the long run.

4. Comprehensive business tracking

You don’t have to keep walking around the workplace to monitor the progress of your employees. Technology advances have made things easier where the CCTV can be connected to your portable device to enable you to monitor the workplace regardless of your location. They work round the clock which gives you peace of mind knowing everything is in check. All you need is good network connectivity.

5. Manage Employee thefts
Stealing of business resources whether data or material items is one thing that can quickly bring a company to its knees within a very short time. Employees can steal sensitive and confidential data and sell it to your competitors. Besides they can alter the data to compromise the results or effectiveness of the purpose, it’s intended for. A CCTV system can prevent all this since your employees know they are being monitored and won’t think of taking the risk.

Instances of lost company assets or data will be history. Your business will not have to invest in replacing stolen items. You can invest that money in other areas to boost productivity.

6. Improve customer satisfaction
The customer is the greatest force behind the growth of any business. Installing CCTV in office can help you ensure your customers are satisfied by the service you give them. You can monitor how customers behave while in the office to gauge their satisfaction level. This helps you improve in areas that seem wanting for complete customer satisfaction. Remember a satisfied customer means high chances of repeat business which means increased productivity.

7. Monitor Workflow
How is the performance of your employees? Are they sluggish? How do they handle your customers? CCTV systems installation in office can make your employees work as they are required. They know they are being monitored and won’t risk their job by working sluggishly. After all, who wants to lose a job during such tough times? High performance means more productivity for your business.

Installing a CCTV system in office

Number of cameras –
Identify the key areas that needs installation to enable you know the exact number of cameras you require. Besides, some areas may need special cameras like corridors which may be dark meaning they require cameras with night vision capability. Analyzing your office first is the best way to go.

Suitable installation areas – Choose to install the CCTV in areas they can’t be easily identified or reached. You don’t want them to be removed or interfered with by employees or other persons looking to cover their acts.

Camera stability – Ensure the cameras are on steady surfaces and face the right direction to ensure they don’t miss anything.

Footage coordination – To easily identify cameras, give them labels. Labelling will facilitate smooth coordination and monitoring.

Testing –
To gauge the effectiveness of the system, run a test after installation. You will know whether you are getting the desired results and also rectify mistakes which can hinder the performance of the CCTV.

Professional assistance - If you want to get the best out CCTV system in your office, you need to hire the service of a professional during installation. The experts have experience, skills, and tools to get the job the right way.

You may think to do the installation by yourself will save you money, but you may end up spending more. You may damage the equipment during installation which means spending more to buy new ones and hiring a professional to install. So take a wise initiative and hire professionals first.

A CCTV in the office can help you grow your business. CCTV installation in office will give you an extra eye to monitor your business. This facilitates productivity since you can point out mistakes or malicious actions easily. When installing CCTV in office, remember to seek the assistance of an expert this field for an excellent service. Install the system now and watch your business grow!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Reasons Why You Need to Install CCTV in Office

We have heard and maybe seen CCTV cameras. But do we actually know what kind of work it does? A CCTV or closed-circuit television camera can be seen in many places today. These cameras can mainly consist of two types, either an analog still camera or a digital video camera. These cameras are used to transfer images to any location. They are hidden in shops, malls, subway and train stations, offices, airports, government buildings, elevators and so on. Pictures and videos are recorded for monitoring purposes. The videotapes can be played later if there is urgency.

The protection of home, business, and office from burglars was the main concern of the people. But nowadays, an accident can happen anywhere, anytime. And do not talk about terrorism! Safety is in high demand in this scenario. You will never know what misfortune will happen to you, but at least you can be vigilant from the outset to avoid unnecessary consequences. These cameras will keep track of events in each location and supervisors will keep an eye on the screen. They will alert the officers immediately if they suspect something wrong. Buying and installing a CCTV camera in your office is very important.

Why do you Need office CCTV?

Your office is huge and spacious. Your company has hundreds of employees. Of course, you have security guards at the main entrance and gates with metal detectors, but are they enough for your security measures? While you plan to buy office equipment that decorates your office space, CCTV cameras should be at the top of your list of priorities. This is an important topic and should not be ignored.

As office equipment, these small appliances can be installed at all entrances and exits, at the end of long corridors, elevators, canteens, in front of washrooms and stairwells. There must be a control room where experienced staff can control the angle and opening of the cameras. You need to be an expert in this field to provide you with an excellent service.

Prevent office equipment theft

The benefit of using a high-quality CCTV system - such as Avigilon CCTV - is that this type of equipment not only prevents items from being stolen or destroyed in the office but also protects personnel from attacks.

Prevent office attacks
Such a security system acts as a deterrent to prevent attacks or other behavior in the office, which means providing employees with a level of protection that, would not otherwise be available. In addition, recorded footage can also be used to verify employees about poor workplace behavior.

Prevent aggression in office

It can help prevent aggression towards employees and customers (and help them feel safe in their work environment), protect your product and income, and protect sensitive information. It is therefore not something to miss, and luckily there are many different precautions that you can take regardless of your business.

Lower insurance premiums
Another advantage of installing a security system in your office is that you can lower your insurance premiums. As reported recently in regional British news, customers who make false claims about employee misconduct can have their claims verified by the company and held responsible for damaging unjustifiable allegations.

Prevents fraudulent litigation
A system like Avigilon CCTV not only provides the ability to audit such claims but also prevents fraudulent litigation with your business and reduces the insurance premiums you would have to pay for the increased risk of potential harm.

Guarantees safety and health of office workers
CCTV is also valuable for the safety and health of workers at work. Although these are usually considered to be a crime prevention measure, the use of these monitoring systems can actually ensure that staff complies with health and safety regulations to protect the workforce and avoid potential accidents and injuries.

Customer loyalty
Office CCTV also provides benefits to your business - studies have shown that people with safety equipment are more professional than competitors without similar on-site installations.Using a high-quality system such as Avigilon CCTV can enhance this "premium" perception. In addition, customers can feel safer in their business premises. Similar to employees, the presence of surveillance cameras can help them feel more comfortable in a riskier environment such as a bank or a jewelry store.

Footage from a system like Avigilon CCTV can also be used as a training center for employees, using videos with the correct protocol as a positive example to the team or clips of suspicious customers training staff to prevent theft in places like a retail environment.

Where to buy office CCTV and what to look for

are looking for office CCTV and don't know where to get them?CCTV cameras can be purchased in electronic stores. The online sites also show images of various kinds. Prices vary by model and brand. The price of these cameras goes to your pockets.

Find a technician as soon as possible to set up these hidden cameras in your office. These record the events of the entire day and can be viewed later on demand. When purchasing office CCTV always looks for some elements described underneath.

Video Compression
An important aspect of office CCTV installation is to compress large video data into a format that can be easily stored or transmitted. Compressed data must go through the reverse process for viewing. By standardizing this process, different devices can work together efficiently.

Online display
Many security and surveillance companies provide customer-centric functionality beyond installation and maintenance. One of these features involves registering a domain name with your security company and setting up a personalized website that lets you view your property anytime, anywhere from a PC, tablet or Internet-enabled mobile phone

The benefits of installing office CCTV go far beyond preventing crime and capturing those who actually commit it. This useful equipment can also be used to ensure the health, safety and satisfaction of employees, avoid litigation and hefty insurance premiums, and provide examples of valuable personal training. With the said benefits above office, CCTV is something that should not be disregarded. What are you waiting for get this type of fixtures and see your business move to the next level

Monday, 26 February 2018

Considering CCTV For Home Use

A CCTV camera is not only for municipalities or police services, it can also be used by individuals in a variety of settings.

First, a CCTV camera is an added advantage for all alarm systems. An alarm alone is not necessarily enough deterrent and burglars have unfortunately more than one trick in their bag to disable it. A camera, certainly, can also be diverted, but it is more complex. In addition, the camera can also be equipped with a presence detector and / or connected to a monitoring center for increased efficiency. The mere fact of seeing a camera in activity often discourages potential thieves from approaching. Whether for a private home, a business or a shop, the CCTV camera can protect the premises and goods in an optimal way, even if zero risk does not exist.

However, it is not necessary to associate only a CCTV camera with the delinquency and the attacks on the property. A camera can also be a great help in caring for loved ones. Installing a CCTV camera in a person's room is a great way to be alerted as soon as important symptoms appear. This device will allow to intervene in time. The camera can even be directly connected to a doctor's office.

Elderly people who develop conditions requiring constant surveillance, such as Alzheimer's disease, can also benefit from the presence of a CCTV camera to keep an eye on them around the clock and replace a sick guard. The different members of the family can take turns to check that everything is fine or go about their occupation, even if they are in the same house. Children, who also require constant vigilance can be monitored with a camera while the parents are in another room.

Well installed on the door of your second home, it is obvious that the thief will not try to enter your home. However, if the intruder decides to enter your home, no camera of course will start. It's just a deterrent, but studies show that sometimes that's enough.

How to protect your home from burglary

What is private video surveillance?
It is for an individual, to install at his home small cameras connected by wired or Wifi to the internet, so as to be informed by mail of an intrusion. But also to visualize the situation of his good on a smartphone. This makes it possible to warn the police for an immediate intervention and especially to have the possibility of identifying the criminals. You should know that a burglary does not last more than 20 minutes, hence the importance of saving time that allows instantaneous transmission over the internet.

What does the law says ?

Schematically, as long as the cameras are filming a private indoor or outdoor space, no authorization is necessary. On the other hand the police / gendarmerie security forces, recommend the installation of CCTV cameras to be able to intervene immediately before it is too late.

Which materials to choose, and how to install it

Outdoor IP camera
There is a plethora of CCTV cameras on the internet. A simple tour on the web will show the extent of the offer. But some important elements are to know for the choice and the installation.

• There are wired CCTV cameras (Ethernet cable to Box) and wifi CCTV camera . The latter are more easily piratables although more affluent facilities.

• Outdoor cameras must be designed and constructed for outdoor use (all times) unless they need to be replaced very quickly.

• The field of outdoor cameras should cover all possible accesses (garage door, cellar basement, access to the roof velux, etc.).

• It is the same for the internal cameras which must visualize all the forced passages.

• The cameras must also be equipped with night vision, and have a definition sufficient for possible identification by the police of the perpetrators.

• Finally, and paradoxically, this is the weak point, you have to scrupulously set up the system and change the passwords and access code on the Internet very regularly.

Last but not least, possible registrations have the right to be kept for a maximum of one month.

Other uses of IP cameras

In addition to the protection of the home, an IP CCTV camera may, subject to its agreement, ensure the safety of an elderly person. It is the same for his pet, but this time without his agreement.

Businesses are often the first target of thieves. Some are equipped with alarm because they have no choice, often for the sake of the goods they sell as a jewelry for example.

For all others, the CCTV sticker can be a great help. Well placed on the window, it will be really dissuasive and this for a few euros. We look at a window and this sticker will do its job. The shopkeeper or the craftsman will not always have the means to afford the video surveillance but the sticker remains within the reach of all.

The pictogram is recognizable and today everyone knows what it means. The deterrent is undeniable, the thief will pass his way and will not try to force your door because he will not know that you do not really have the monitoring system. Today the flights are so numerous that this sticker is now displayed on virtually all windows.

A CCTV sticker can be useful and this for a few euros. Combined with a purchase of a fake CCTV camera, this becomes a significant deterrent protection system. If you do not want at the moment to start installing a real system, trust this sticker that is often enough.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Tips On Where To Install CCTV

CCTV cameras are used in several places. Since then, the rate of misdeeds has increased in recent times. The case of theft, robbery, and invasion of homes has become extremely common. The general population does not feel safe in their own home and within limits. In such a situation, it has become important for everyone to install CCTV that will help you track the criminal offender in case of theft and robbery.

One of the best and most advantageous features of the use of a CCTV system is that it reduces the dangers of becoming a victim of irregularities. It can also protect and protect not only your money and valuable money but even a family member, for example, your child and your elderly loved one. It also protects your home or your business by allowing you to see what goes on inside your home and workplace. Then install CCTV and live as you prefer! Below are some places where you need more CCTV cameras.

Install CCTV cameras in public the places
The CCTV camera can be placed or installed anywhere in the room or wok, and also in a public place where there is adequate light available. After installing these beneficial and useful surveillance activities, you can be safe and secure in your home or your business. These cameras can be used to prevent thieves or catch them in the act.

In addition to these practical and competent cameras, there are also other types of security products to create access control to some regions of your home or business, vehicle security, PC and Internet security and other uses.

Industrial plants
In most industrial plants, there are usually many places that are not suitable to be monitored by a man. One must defiantly challenge some effective strategy to solve this problem, since these areas may require the most abnormal amounts of security and surveillance. To monitor your entire manufacturing unit, you can rely on CCTV cameras. The modern CCTV cameras are the most suitable to provide all the updates and coverage on every aspect of the industrial unit. All you have to do is put resources into these efficient current video surveillance systems.

Covers all activities

Once CCTV cameras are installed in your industrial unit, you can obtain uninterrupted coverage of all activities and movements in the facilities of your manufacturing unit. This type of camera reproduces energizing parts and makes the whole surveillance process easy. Therefore, you may consider installing a closed-circuit camera within the premises of your modern home to supervise all areas. These are also ideal for places where the land is not suitable for human vigilance and vigil. Some places in a plant may also require stepped monitoring so that CCTV cameras can be installed in these areas.

Install CCTV cameras in your business
There are many access points where you can and should install CCTV cameras and protect your business. The idea is to monitor your workers permanently and knows everything that happens in your company in your absence. These can be used by the police to identify the criminal quickly. High-quality cameras are substantially more valuable than ordinary CCTV cameras because they provide critical information that can be used later.

Know what happens in your absence
CCTV cameras are handy for your business. However, this is not all! Can you imagine how decent it would be to observe what is happening in your company while you are on a yacht serving cocktails and permanently to monitor the activity of your workers? This is entirely possible because some of the best CCTV administrations offered by professional companies allow you to access the cameras and watch the videos on your laptop, tablet or even on your phone! You can be hundreds of miles away from your company but know what is happening, like being there.

Install CCTV cameras in your jewelry store
A jewelry store is one of those places where a single error in security issues can create a great misfortune. Therefore, a jeweler must always guarantee that his jewelry has a robust security framework. With the advent of digital technology, video surveillance cameras have become the most effective means of ensuring perfect security and surveillance. There are possibilities of human error by a security person. However, nothing can escape the supervision of a closed-circuit camera.

Today, the owners of the jewelry store can purchase security cameras that have a built-in alarm installation. Installing a camera at the entrance can give you the full perspective of the person entering your shop. This screen on the monitor helps security personnel to be alert and take note of all kinds of suspicious instances. CCTV cameras have great importance, since being alert, can oppose the theft in the stage of the extreme initiative.

CCTV camera installed in schools

The CCTV camera for a school is a powerful deterrent where most thieves will think twice before breaking in when they see a camera. Many specialized integrated companies would like all local authorities to have adequate and clear guidance for the use of the closed-circuit school monitoring television that is made available and adhered to the facilities of which they are capable. These security systems help prevent or identify unauthorized intruders entering the service, which improves school safety. The school's security measures are to protect school property and identify perpetrators and vandals.

Sometimes in larger schools, giving security guard is not enough. It is not uncommon for some schools to install surveillance security systems in their facilities to monitor and track all activities that take place. Many companies know the importance of CCTV cameras for their businesses. Probably, one of the best known and most knowledgeable ways of financial security for your company is with a CCTV camera. Keeping track of remote inputs and outputs is easier through CCTV systems. These systems are useful and valuable in keeping a record of cleanliness and ensuring that they are doing their job efficiently. The CCTV security systems help to organize the exit in case of emergencies.


CCTV, the cameras are used in various public places, accommodations, movie theaters and hospitals, as well as to avoid undesirable circumstances. As a business, you can also use this camera to monitor your workers and monitor daily operations. It is advantageous for government or law enforcement officials to use it to look at public places, for example, parks, housing or apartment developments, and car parks.